API Reference

This guide explains the core concepts necessary for working with the Ridge API.

API Token

The Ridge API is a RESTFUL API that uses JSON encoding. All API requests must include a token in the header for authentication. The token is obtained using the Ridge API, and placed in the HTTP Authorization request header.

Authorization: Bearer <Token>

API Variables - Quantities and Qualities

In some cases, the input or output fields for an API function are defined as variables named Quantities and Qualities. In these cases, the definition of the variable appears at the bottom of the page that describes the function. (This is, as opposed to the description of non-variable parameters that appear inline.)

Resource Management

Ridge resources are managed with a hierarchical structure.

  • Orgs and Projects are used for grouping and managing resources.
  • Groups are used for conveniently managing access to resources.


Organizations (Orgs) are the top level of the hierarchy and provide Ridge customers with full visibility of all consumed resources and the ability to segment and manage resources including user management and account administration. Each customer is associated with at least one Org.


Projects are part of an Organization. Projects provide the ability to logically segment resources within an Org. Projects contain infrastructure resources, (Compute, Network and Storage) that are consumed using Ridge Services. User and/or groups may be granted roles in each project.

Resource Identifiers

Ridge resources can be identified by an ID - a unique identifier generated by Ridge and which should not be changed.

Display Name

Each Ridge resource can have an optional display_name that is used only for display in the Console.

Upon resource creation, the display_name, by default, is equal to the name.

The display_name may include up to 512 Unicode characters, including up to 64 lowercase Latin letters, numbers or dashes.

OpenAPI Specifications

You may see the OpenAPI 3.1 specifications here:

V1 Version