Last updated 7 months ago

Getting Started with the Ridge API

Welcome to the Ridge developer API guide. This guide will explain the core concepts necessary for using Ridge resources

The Ridge API is a RESTFUL API that uses JSON encoding. All API requests must include a token in the header for authentication. The token is obtained using the Ridge console, and placed in the HTTP Authorization request header: Authorization: Bearer

API Conventions

Resources identifiers

Ridge resources can be identified by

  • name - a unique identifier for the resource which can be configured by the user
  • Id - a unique identifier which is generated by Ridge and may not be modified

Examples: Access a resource using a name:


Access a resource using an id (prepended by a @):


Access all resources is done by placing - , for example, to get the list of members of all groups:


Note: The api version in the examples throughout this document is set to v1alpha.

Parameters in the JSON body with the _path suffix should be set with the part of the resource’s path that follows the API ‘s version.

Display Name

Each Ridge resource can have a displayname that is used only for display (UI) purpose. Upon resource creation, the displayname, by default, is equal to the name. display_name may include up to 512 Unicode characters, include up to 64 lowercase latin letters, numbers or dashes.

Note: display_name is not mandatory and if not defined, name will be displayed instead