Getting Started with Identity and Access Management


This is a guide that will walk you through some basic use cases of identity and access management (IAM) in Ridge Cloud. See IAM overview. In this guide we will walk you through the following tasks:

  • Creating a project
  • Inviting users to become members
  • Managing applications as members
  • Creating a group, assigning it privileges and managing its members
  • Assigning privileges to members


To activate your membership in your organization, follow the link you received in the invitation email from Ridge.

Invitation Email

This guide assumes you have been granted the organization administrator role. You will not be able to perform the actions described in this guide without these privileges.

Creating a Project

All services that you consume from the Ridge Cloud are created as part of a project. To view the projects in your organization, select the Projects menu item in the navigation bar located under the IAM section.

project list

Use the Add Project button to create a new project. In this example we name the ne project test.

create project

At this stage, you can start using Ridge Cloud services.

Inviting a Member

There are two prerequisites to add a person as a member of you organization

  • You must have the person's email address
  • The person can be authenticated using Google or Github Select the Members item in the IAM section of the side navigation bar. Click the Add Member button on top right

add member

Provide a name and an email address. In this example the member was named Joe and his email set to

invite member

You will then see the new member of type invitee. This will change to user when Joe accepts the invitation.

pending member

Creating an API Key

Access to the Ridge Cloud API requires an API key. Once the user accepts the invitation, they can generate a key themselves. To create the key, select a member to create an API key for and press the Edit button and press Add Key

API Keys

Enter a name for the key. The name will help you identify the key, as the key itself will not be visible at a later time. In this example the key is named Key 1.

add my API key

Copy the API key and save it.


Allowing Applications to Access the API

You can create an application that can access the Ridge Cloud API by creating a member of type app, granting it permissions and generating an API fey for it. In this example we create an application named cloud-app.

Start from the members view, click the Add member button and select the Add app item from the menu.



Create an API key for an Application

From the members list, select the pencil sign for cloud-app


In the edit pane, press the add API key and create an API key named app-key


The key will appear. You must copy it as it will never be shown again.


Managing Groups

Groups are used to simplify access management. As an organization administrator, you can create a group, define its privileges and associate members with it. These members will inherit all the privileges of the group. In this example we will create a group with privileges to manage a project named Sandbox.

We start by selecting the Groups item in the left navigation bar and press the Add Group button.


Name the group sandbox-admins.

create group

From the group list choose to edit the sandbox-admins group. Select the Project-editor privilege in the Sandbox project.

group privilege

Now any member that will be added to the group will have project editor privileges in the Sandbox project.

Adding a Member

Next we will add a member to this group. In the editing pane of the group, you can select the members from the list of organization members. In this example we add a member named Cloud-App

group add member

You may modify the members and privileges of the group using the edit pane of the group.

To delete the group select the vertical ellipsis sign at the top right hand of the editing pane. This will expose the Remove item. electing it will issue a question to verify that you are sure that you wish to delete the group.

delete group

Granting Privileges to a Member

Privileges may be assigned to individual members (in addition to groups). From the members list press the edit icon of the member. In this example we will add the Project editor role to the member named Joe in the Sandbox project.

member privileges

You can add additional roles in multiple projects and at the organization level. To remove the privilege, simply uncheck the box.

To view all the access policies related to the Sandbox project, select it from the Projects list. You will then see the groups and individual members who have roles in it.