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Managing Containers with the Ridge Console

Clicking on Containers in the left navigation pane opens the Containers page, where you can see a list of any existing batches of containers. You can manage existing batches or add new ones.

Creating a Batch

Creating a batch includes these steps:

  • Part A - Setting Batch Name and Container image
  • Part B - Setting Optional Parameters
  • Part C - Configuring Container(s)

Part A: Setting Batch Name, Container Image

To create a batch:

  1. From the left side menu, click Containers and then click Create Batch. image_1
  2. Enter Batch Name and Container Image; see details in the table below.


Batch Parameters

  • Batch Name - A unique name for your batch. Note that the API path to access the batch appears below the name. Example - my_batch
  • Container Image - Required. The path of the Docker repository where the container image can be found. Example -

Part B: Setting Optional Parameters

When you create a batch, you have the option of defining:

  • Entry Point
  • Arguments
  • Environment Variables (as key-value pairs)
  • Elasticsearch Endpoint


Part C: Configuring a Container

When you create a batch, you must also configure at least one container.

To configure a container:

  1. On the Create Batch page, scroll to the lower half of the page and enter the number of containers. image_4
  2. Either: a) Select a specific data center and then select a preset container configuration. image_5 or b) Select one or more desired locations and set the minimum configuration for the container (CPU cores, RAM and Storage). image_6
  3. Click Create Batch. While Ridge is spinning up the batch, the status will appear as Creating, the container details will indicate Queued and a gray indicator will appear next to the Batch in the Batch list. image_7 image_8

Note: If the data center does not have the exact configuration requested, the actual configuration may be different, however, it will not be less than the minimum specified in your configuration.

Viewing Batches

After you create a batch, Ridge displays all the information of the newly created batch. A list of batches and their key details, appears on the Containers page. image_9

Updating Batch Name

To rename a batch:

  1. Select the batch you want to rename.
  2. Select the batch name and press the Edit icon.
  3. Enter a new name for the batch, then press Enter. image_10

Copying Batch's Path or ID

To copy the API path or batch ID:

  1. Select a batch.
  2. Hover over the API path or batch ID.
  3. Click the API path or batch ID. image_11

Deleting a Batch

To delete a batch:

  1. Select a batch.
  2. From the top right, select Delete. image_12

Deleting a Container

To delete a container:

  1. Select a batch.
  2. Click the Delete button at the right end of the container you want to delete. image_13