Application marketplace

Using Ridge Application marketplace, you can deploy a prepackaged applications from an application catalog on any Kubernetes cluster.

Deploying an application

You can deploy an application in 2 ways:

  • Select Marketplace under Kubernetes side menu


  • Select a cluster to deploy the application on, press Marketplace Apps and press Install App


In order to deploy an application you need to provide the following:

  • Cluster to deploy the application on (in case you are not in the cluster context)
  • Choose the application by selecting it from the catalog
  • Installation name - the display name of the installation
  • Kubernetes namespace - the namespace to install the app. if namespace does not exist, it will be created.
  • Kubernetes prefix - used to allow deployment of multiple (identical) applications on the same namespace


Press Install to start the installation:

  • Specific user instruction will be displayed. can be opened at anytime, by pressing the instructions button
  • Ridge will automate the deployment and show the application status



Deleting an application

can be done by pressing the trash icon from the _Marketplace Apps` section of the cluster

Note: namespaces created will not be deleted