Cluster VPN

VPN allows secure connections from cluster pods and service to/from an external network based on WireGuard ( Ridge automatically takes care of VPN provisioning, so all you need to define is the local network and Ridge does the rest.

This document describes how to create and manage a VPN connection.

Note: some locations do not support this feature. you may find an indication of VPN support in the data center list page

Creating a VPN

On a running cluster choose the VPN tab and press "Add VPN", this will open the VPN pane.

vpn Configure the following properties:

  • Name - the display name of the VPN
  • WireGuard Public Key - create a private and public keys as described in and paste the public key here
  • Local Networks - the CIDR of the network that you want to connect to the cluster

Press Create and Ridge will install and configure the VPN endpoint.

Copy or download the WireGuard configuration.

Replace <<CLIENT PRIVATE KEY>> with the private key you generated in previous steps


Configure the WireGuard client

  • You will need to install WireGuard , you can find the installation guide here
  • Save the WireGuard configuration under /etc/wireguard/wg0.conf
  • Launch the VPN client by running sudo wg-quick up wg0 and you are good to go


  • Launching the VPN client before VPN is running may cause it to fail
  • To verify that the connection is established, run sudo wg . The connection was successfully established if you see under the peer section of your endpoint:
    • latest handshake
    • transfer, where received and sent are higher than 0

    for instance:

    interface: wg2
    public key: mp4habOWQBfpDHuA7QDIM8G5zUeruf8OhUSjplRFEgk=
    private key: (hidden)
    listening port: 34494
    peer: ir3z2m//ooDV7PDQnssgTilHJKjJ8OGlb9MY5TSfD2o=
    allowed ips:,
    latest handshake: 1 second ago
    transfer: 92 B received, 180 B sent
    persistent keepalive: every 25 seconds

Configure the VPN

You can always change a running VPN name or local network properties by editing the VPN, click the pencil on your VPN


Deleting the VPN

On the “Update VPN” page, select Properties → Delete and confirm the deletion.